Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mindless Sewing

Welp. It appears I'm not much of a "relaxed sewer". So many of my IG friends rave about their love for sewing straight line after straight line, letting it relax them with mindless sewing. 

I've found through this scrappy quilt that I loathe mindless sewing. I find myself grinding my teeth, hunched over, trying to sew as fast as possible, and then becoming frustrated that my last hour of sewing produced only a small square for a very laaarge quilt. 

Um. Sucks. 

I do love sewing, and I feel like it generally releases tension in me (unless I'm unpicking). But I think I need instructions, steps, different lines to sew, things to piece together, garments appearing before my eyes, satifaction! Ah yes, that all sounds SO much better than teeth grinding mindless sewing.

But alas, I plod along with my scrappy quilt, its not getting any smaller so that's something to take comfort in.

I have also started a luggage weekender bag (which is an insane pattern. The most complicated thing I've ever attempted.), and am re-doing all the cushions at Kindy, so I've got plenty to help me procrastinate from this mammoth scrappy quilt! Hehe.


  1. I so hear what you are saying! I have made two quilts - after the first one I swore off them for life, but I had promised to make the second... told both my offspring after that not to expect another one - ever!! ;-) not even for grandchildren!!

  2. We all enjoy different things - Just do what you love - each to their own! And I think some of us have multiple things depending on what sort of "wind-down" is required :) Keep it up! Cant wait to see your makes!


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