Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Brisbane and the Gold Coast 2011

In March Graeme and I went to Brisbane and the Gold Coast for 7 days. It was just brought to my attention that I never posted it on my blog (or even mentioned we're having a wee girl!!) So I am doing a serious blog-date now.

We went to Aussieland for 2 reasons - 1) To have a baby moon holiday and explore and adventure. 2) to visit family over there and coincide it with attending a joint 50th and 21st birthday for an aunt and cousin.

Australia was great! It was [very] warm. Graeme and I got to do lots of driving which we love, we got to see family who we have so much fun with, and we got to explore.

When we first got there, the main order of business was attending a masquerade ball for our cousin Ngakita and her Mum, Aunt Vicky. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to a masquerade ball!! It was fun, and the cool part was they had a professional photobooth there. I've never been in one, but it was really awesome! The screen counted down, took 3 photos, then printed them out straight after!

After the family events we borrowed a car and drove down the coast to meet up with our good friends Mel and Rob! It was so good to see them, and they had us stay in their lovely home! They drove us all over the coast for sightseeing and introduced us to lovely Australians! :)

We went to Movie World care of Ron, Graemes Granddad, with Kim, Grae, Izy and Steve. It was lots of fun, and even though I didn't get to go on any rides, I still had a blast!

They both took Monday off work as well to spend an extra day with us (yay!) and we went to the Vic / QLD border. Cold Rock icecream (delicious!!) got me into trouble and mel managed to convince us that they  GPS chip all of the sim cards in Australia. We thought we were being traced by border security!!

After staying with Mel and Rob, we went and stayed with Izy and Steve. Graeme and I went on a date to the mall where Graeme happily shopped and bought himself new clothes (:)) and later on we went to the casino and spent a lot of money in a few minutes, and then had the most fun on the lion pokie machine.

It was so much fun staying with Izy and Steve, they are such great quality fun! They also took us to the beach and out to the broncos league club for dinner (Nom Nom all you can eat!) and two lizard encounters (or was it the same lizard??). 

On our last night, we all went to South Bank and walked through their beautiful gardens - I could NOT get over the amazing looking structure purple vine flower features. It was so beautiful!! South Bank was great, and they even shouted us a trip on the big ferris wheel :)

Thank you Australia for a great holiday and great memories to have! So stoked we were able to have an international adventure with a baby on the way! Boy are we blessed!!

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  1. YAY! So glad you had an awesome time here. Come back again soon, next time we should try meet up. You got the best weather for sure! (no floods.)


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