Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dear Baby, 22 Week Update

Current weight: 65.3kgs (up .5 kgs since last week)

Total weight gained: 0.30 kgs (original weight: 65 kgs)

Babys growth this week: Average length from head to bum is 19cm, her ears have reached adult size and can hear everything in the outside world.

Times I have vomited this week: 3 

Thoughts this week: 
I know what people mean by the 2nd Trimester glow (not that I am glowing, I dont think, but I certainly feel like I am). My skin is better than ever, I am staying up later and getting up earlier (and not napping!!) am generally happier and positive about almost everything! 

I got to see my little 3 month old niece, Shire, yesterday! She's SUCH a cutie!! I hope our little girl is as happy, settled and well behaved as her :)

(Minimoo's fleece suit we bought for her in Australia for when she's 6 months old!)

Dearest Baby Girl,

Another week has flown by and I am on the countdown! Only 18 weeks until you are due for arrival into this crazy crazy world! I really hope the aftershocks have settled down by then - I am praying that all we have been through lately wont be affecting you and giving you any anxiety. All the books tell me that you can sense my mood and can easily relate to it when you are in the world. I'm trying to take it easy, and stay positive, I hope you can feel that too. 

Whatever happens, aftershocks or not, we will protect you and look after you and try and teach you all we can about being a citizen in this world. When you're older I hope you love this earth and want to look after it as much as I do. 

Love, Mum x

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