Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Uniquely You

Project 31. Day Two. 

What makes you uniquely you?

Like everyone else, I have my own experiences and influences that have shaped me and caused me to become who I am today. Mostly, my family, my God, a few friends, and most recently my marriage and own little family.

The truth is, unfortunately like most girls I have never thought about what sets me apart. Which is sad really, because without knowing who we are we can't appreciate and value ourselves as we should.

I would like to think that I am a fighter. I have had experiences and situations which have torn me down to nothing, and I have fought to stand back up. Most of all, I fight so that I don't have a bitter heart. I choose to see the good in the world, and fight very very hard to see the good in some people. Most days I feel as if I am in a fight, and most days I feel as if I am winning. Some days I dont win and those are hard days, but I still get up the next day.

I think I am an ideas person. I think of a lot of brilliant ideas, and start most of them. Mostly they come from out of the blue. I feel as if I have tried a lot of different things to gain experience but would not call myself adventurous. I am terrified of car crashes, I have been in too many, and dont like to be driven by other people. 

 I talk too much about helping people, but don't help people enough. I think most of us do this. This year I have plans to change this. 

Some would say that I have had it easy and spoilt, others would say that I have made some big mistakes and that I have learnt from them. Some might call me selfish, others might call me giving. Some might call me unmotivated and misguided, others will call me a dreamer who strives. I'm not really sure which Sophie you know, but perhaps thats what makes me different? I am unique because I don't fit into your perceptions of me. On the surface I seem one thing, probably because I have caused it to be that way, but on the inside I am someone completely different.

Who do you think I am?


  1. i have been thinking about what makes me different recently....

    I like facts about life. My smile. I like kids.... but i sincerely love children that i know. I love Jesus. i am a romantic at heart but i barely show it. Dark figures at night scare the hek out of me, as do stray dogs. I dont like to say i love to just anyone. I think farts and poos are funny. I dont really care for music, but i love talented people. I love role models and that turns me on to the moon and back. I want to please God and live my life for Him. Im going to raise beautiful babies, even if they are not mine. I dont have alot of friends but i have alot of mates who care about me and i about them.I have alot to learn. I have lived with strong people my whole life and sometimes i intentionally act a certain way to control peoples perceptions of me =]

  2. Beautifully honest Sophia :) You have made me rethink some of my points!


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