Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dear Baby, Week 21 Update

Current weight: 64.8kgs (up 2.4 kgs since last week)

Total weight gained: -00.20 kgs (original weight: 65 kgs)

Babys growth this week: Average length from head to bum is 18cm, her spine is well fused, her heart is pumping like a champ and her head is 5cm from ear to ear. The body (head to bum) is about the length of a big banana. My tropical little princess!

Times I have vomited this week: 1 (YAAAAY!!!)

Thoughts this week: 
Feeling so good lately! The morning sickness has eased this week, we have a new midwife (who's great!) and I generally have more energy (I haven't even napped in the last 2 weeks!!!!) Now that we're past halfway the end is in sight and I am beginning to mentally prepare for birth, a newborn (and what they become later in life). Life will change, and I can't wait!!

I had to go back for another anatomy scan this week where they remeasured everything again, In our last scan her spine hadn't finished fusing and they couldn't get a good reading of the heart. All is well after today though, and we have a new picture to put on our fridge!

(MiniMoo at 21 weeks today. It may look like she has a mermaid tail... her legs are actually  hoisted up around her head... Today she's called my little fishy :) )

Dear Baby Girl,

You. Are. Such. A Wriggler!! I got to see you for the third time today, we had another scan to make sure everything was growing well since the last time you were balled up in such a funny position! Your Papa couldn't make it so a good friend of ours, Rachel Badger, came along to meet you for the first time! You certainly put on a show for us, rolling all around, shaking your head and waving your fists. Right at the end you put your legs right up to your face, you probably could have scratched your nose with your toe if you had wanted. It was so funny to watch!

You're getting so big now and I can feel you all the time. When we go to bed your Dad puts his hands on top of you and you kick away for him. Good party trick!

Stay strong Baby Girl, we love you so much already.

Love, Momma x

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