Thursday, April 2, 2015

Go To Sleep (please?)

Is this real life?

Its been 3 nights of "rest with me" "I don't want a big sleep, I only want a little sleep" "I need the door open more" "I need more light"

Suddenly, my fantastic sleeper is dragging out her bed time by 3 hours, (and with it, her little sister, who shares the bedroom). 3 hours is a long time in preschooler land.

3 days is a long time in parent land. It only takes 3 days to forget what the last 3 years have been like (fantastic and easy bedtimes!), and make you wonder if this is what its going to be like for.everrr??

Today is the day of wear.her.out. We got up extra early, will be walking home from Kindy, and will be playing at the playground as long as we can. Including a complete bedtime routine, fufilling all possible scenarios and needs. There will also be bribes rewards (a new frozen puzzle I have hiding in the wardrobe should do it).

I need my nights back. This can't be forever, surely???


  1. No it will not be forever - even if it may feel like if in the short term. The main thing is to let her know you are still the parent, and this is one routine that will not change, no matter how much she may try!
    Blessings and peace

  2. I have been having a similar thing with Gryffen, though he's younger than Milla so can't verbalise as well as her! I'm afraid I've taken the hard line with him and not given in to his request for me to stay, which has meant he's fallen asleep on the floor in front of the door consistently (after crying for a wee while, so sad!). I've felt a bit mean. BUT, I'm pleased to say that after about 2 weeks he's getting back to his old self and staying in bed again! Perhaps it was just a weird phase, and the same for Milla? I hope so!! Good luck!!!

  3. I would say I know how you feel, apart from the 3 years of fabulous sleeping... At the moment 'something is wrong' at bedtime. He gets there eventually though, and it doesn't take 3 hours. What time is bedtime? Would making it later help?

    And remember, daylight savings is about to mess things up too.


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