Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Katie Updatie - 19 Months

(all the words you love to use)

Katie Po-Tatie, It's been 9 months since your last Katie Updatie, I have felt the need to make another marker for you for when you are older, if you ever want to look back and revisit your childhood.

You are such a special wee girl, Katie. You capture so many hearts; with your sweet cheeky smile, giggles and cheerful parroting of words and phrases. Its really hard not to fall in love with you.

You spend your days with me and Milla; We visit parks, friends homes, church groups and shops. You especially love the time of day post 6pm once Milla is in bed, you take full advantage of some Big Sister Free time and pull out every single toy, read almost every single book and interact with your Dad and Me till your hearts content (or until we ship you off to bed). You love to have "bunny" in your bed, and will suck your thumb until you fall asleep. You LOVE sleeping.

You have a fiercely independent streak and you're currently figuring that out and testing it. You often don't want to hold hands or to be carried anywhere and will say "no!" and "down!". You'll say "YESH!" to any food on offer, particularly bananas, they are still your favourite and have been for a long time.

You're figuring out words and babble constantly throughout the day. You love to hold things up and get my approval on your pronunciation. You'll hold out a carrot and say "rart?", I'll say "Car-rot" and you'll reply happily "rarot!" and stuff it in your mouth. Carrot, mission accomplished.

Along with Bananas you also LOVE slides. Its your favourite thing at a play ground and you love playing on our little plastic slide at home. "shlide!" you say when you spot it out the window!

You also love having your photo taken and when a phone or camera is pointed at you, you pull the funniest cheesy grin ever!

For a long while over summer you were terrified of large bodies of water and wouldn't go near paddling pools or baths. Just in the last few weeks you've been back to enjoying bath times with Milla, it so great to see you two working together and having fun in the bath again.

After bath time, you really enjoy brushing your teeth. You're always the first to the bathroom when I say "Girls, teeth time!". You come running with your hand outstretched for the tooth brush.

You continue to be a transporter, as you have always seemed to be. You love playing with little things, putting them inside things and carrying them around to a new place, getting them out, laying them in rows, putting them back in. Its exhausting to watch you play like this, it takes so much patience on your part, but you love it and it really floats your boat. You love handbags, baskets, buckets and containers and anything you can carry things in!

Katie you are an absolutely stunner. With your golden strawberry hair and olive skin. You are a beauty!

Your favourite friends right now are Eda, Nina and Wes. You see them throughout the week, at creche during Womens Group, at Toddlerock and at Church on Sundays. They are your favs to play with and you all get on so well. You such good friends, and you are one too!

You also love old men. Especially any of your 3 Grandads, you'll snuggle up to any of them, along with Vynnie and Dawn.

But most of all, you love Dad, Mum and Milla. And we love YOU Little Katie. You bring the sunshine into our home. xxxx


  1. What a beautiful and ever so precious wee girl! Continue to enjoy her!

  2. AWWW. BOUT time mum updated your profile,, Katie Katie,, we love you also, so much love for two special girls,, so lucky to have a big sister like Camilla and parents that put so much into bringing you two girls up. g.harry loves when you screem when he arrives.. you light up our lives Katie xx love you heaps.. xx


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