Friday, April 10, 2015

Golden Days

We were lucky enough to spend an extended Easter Weekend in Pohara, Golden Bay, the very top of the South Island, NZ. 

Holy Moly, it was beautiful. 

We stayed at our friends Mums home, a quaint home over looking the bay, with a wild garden for the girls to spend the weekend running around and getting lost in. 

We spent our morning on breakfast duty or sleeping in, the day time nap period eating bagels, talking or resting, and our afternoons off adventuring at the beach, markets, the labryinth rocks, at the springs and at animal parks.

If you ask me, it was the perfect way to spend our weekend. I needed it.

I really do love getting away from the concrete and getting into the rainforest-like-bush. I'm a west coaster at heart, and it was so lovely to be surrounded by such rich greens and overgrowing ferns with the sound of rain drops falling through the canopy. 

It did my soul wonders.

In the evenings we drank wine, watched movies, played board games and card games and discussed the meaning of life, our God, His salvation and where we stand in it. 

 It was sad to come home, but newly energised I've spent the last few days on little areas around our home, decluttering and cleaning, getting organised for the onset of winter and focussing on my little girls, who need my attention and love more than the cleaning needs me. 

On a side note: Do you ever get home from a holiday and hold your breath while you enter your home, preparing yourself to discover you've been burgled? I think about it every time.

Ah, so good. Whens the next holiday?! OH YEAH. A mums weekend away next month. Just me, my girl-frands, a glass of wine and some hot pools. Can it get better? Starting the count down now...


  1. Sounds idyllic Sophie! Glad you had a nice break. I also mentally prepare myself for a break-in... thought it was just me! I thought we really had once a couple of years ago, came home after a week away to our french doors in the bedroom wide open, and leaves all blown inside our room. We're pretty sure it was a large aftershock that opened the doors. The neighbours' cat had enjoyed sleeping on our bed regularly. :-)

  2. What a wonderful weekend that must have been :-). Yes I know that feeling of 'what if we..." - been there, done that and never want to do it again!

  3. I can imagine you in Golden Bay - now having been there - what a top spot it is! Sounds like a wonderful break away xx


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