Friday, April 17, 2015

Milla's Imaginary Friend

For the last week Milla has been talking about the Mouse out by the big rock in the garden. She goes out to feed it breakfast in the morning, it takes naps during the day, and rides on the doll carrier on Milla's bike around the yard. 

Once this week it joined us in the car for a ride to our friends house, but it stayed in the car for a sleep while we went inside and played. 

I have confirmed about 4 times this week where the mouse was, fearing that it was a -real- mouse, but as Milla pointed to the mossy dirty saying "there!" I realised, this is a mouse from her imagination.

A pink and purple mouse that goes by the name of Lucy.


  1. We have plenty of imaginary friends in our house. R was about milla's age when they were very much a part of our family. They still exist but come and go. They sometimes go to school. They are a window into the kids imagination.

  2. How sweet - I do hope Lucy behaves and does not leave any unexpected 'gifts'.


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