Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Beginning of Stitch Africa

One morning when in the shower, I poured my heart out to God through frustrated tears. Why was I not living out the scriptures that I was sure he had called me to? Preaching and teaching in homes in distant nations, I was sure I was called to this.

Instantly I received a download from God. With it I saw Stitch Africa. I saw the name, the logo, the booties, the website, the prices, the mission, and the love. Everything.

I jumped out of the shower straight away and wrote everything down. That day I started on the "to-do list" and everything fell into place. It looks exactly as I had seen it that morning.

Now, a few months on, I rely on God for the inspiration for fresh ideas, the motivation to complete old ideas and the people to buy into the mission.

I am pining for the day when I get to go to Africa and meet these beautiful children. I can't wait for my husbands heart to be broken for the injustice and a passion to rise inside of him. I can't wait for the day that God will use me to spread his love in a bigger way.

For now, I'm just doing what God has allowed me to do and can't wait to see how it grows and develops in the coming months.

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