Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Birthday Saturday - MuZu Chinese FootSpa

When I left my job at Body Business they gave me a footspa voucher for my farewell gift. I finally cashed it in on my birthday (perfect timing) and had such a relaxing beginning to my day!

The place was MuZu and it was divine. The place was gorgeous, clean and very relaxing.

I was put inside a very dark room (as you can tell by the photos), I could barely see and had to feel my way to the large comfy couches. A lady came in 10 minutes later and delivered me herbal tea, a plate of fresh fruit and told me to take off my shoes.

A few minutes later another lovely lady came in with a large basket filled with hot water and herbs. I soaked my feet in it and it smelt amazing! While my feet were soaking she massaged my head, my neck, my shoulders and lastly my back. Chinese massage definitely isn't my favourite kind. I very rarely find it relaxing, nor do they warm up your muscles first so you generally leave feeling worse off, and they end with banding and punching, but for this instance I enjoyed it. I'm so glad I had clean hair because I wasn't expecting a head massage.

Later on I sat down and she alternatively wrapped my feet and legs in hot towns and massaged my legs and feet, pushing on pressure points.

It was divinely relaxing, the lady was skilled and barely spoke to me, it seemed like it lasted 2 hours (although it only took an hour) and I really felt like had I paid for it, I would have gotten my moneys worth.

I highly recommend MuZu, and lovers, they do great gift vouchers for that special someone! <3

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