Monday, November 29, 2010

Carefree Roller Derby

I am really enjoying this carefree stage of life that Graeme and I have. No serious bills, no great responsibility, a whole lot of potential and ideas to come to fruition. At the same time I long for some stability, to be grounded and feel like I am building something or working towards something greater. In the mean time, we get to do awesome things like the ROLLER DERBY! Woot.

I love the Derby for many reasons. 1) full contact womens sport. Women are brutal, vicious and have big swinging hips. It is excellent to watch. 2) the punk scene comes alive. Think colours, fishnets, wacky costumes and a lot of fun. 3) the atmosphere. I don't care who you are, if I'm sitting next to you, expect me to jump up and down, chant, yell, scream, boo, cheer, laugh, and anything else that I could think of in that exciting moment. 4) We get to dress up. Not everyone does, but why wouldn't you? team spirit, atmosphere and a night out all come from dressing up.

Here are some photos from this weekends Derby final. Sadly, our team Filthy Habits lost to Carnage Academy. But it was a really close game with a lot of great moves by both teams. I can't wait to next years bouts!

See you there in 2011!


  1. Looks like a ton of fun!
    And definitely enjoy your life, no matter what is going on. :)
    And love the cupcakes too. YUMMO. Now if your hubby let you eat ALL of them, he would indeed be wonderful. ;)

  2. OMG! I love roller derby too!!! I MUST dress up next time I go. I already yell and howl and boo!


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