Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Jesus, for everything you have done for me, when I least deserved it. And even now, when I still haven't learn't, I still stumble, you continue to offer me the grace to get through each day.

Graeme, for leading our family and being strong. With Jesus we can get through each day and I am so thankful that you rely on him too. I respect you even more.

Family, for teaching me a lot about being a citizen in this world. I realise now that you were my cheerleaders all along and taught me so much about life. Thank you for pushing me to try new things and supporting my hair brained schemes.

Friends, old and new, for coming into my life and making it a brighter place. I am looking forward with hope that we will grow closer together in the future and support each other as we all lead such different lives.

Steve & Dawn for being such great supports this year. You two are the closest, wisest, funnest, smartest, supportive and caring-est pastors I know.

Internship, for teaching me about real ministry, for making me realise what I care about and for rediscovering those forgotten prophecies and callings spoken long ago.

House, for your all day sunshine and happy place.

Connect group, for teaching me about 'doing life together' and making it a joy to lead.

New Zealand, for the safety and comfort you offer, and the beauty that surrounds me.

Today I am very thankful. Last night our connect group celebrated Thanksgiving and I was so overwhelmed when everyone declared what they were thankful for. It made me realise how good God is and how much he is inspiring and working in our lives. Incredibly thankful that I am on this journey today and looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.

What are you thankful for?

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