Wednesday, December 1, 2010

An Introduction to Hammy & Steven

I would like to introduce you to our children, Hammy (Hamissou) and Steven.

[left] Hammy is from the very south of Niger, in a little village. He has recently been expelled from school but managed to stay in education until he was 14, so I am very proud of him. Hammy now wants to be a truck driver and is one of 5 children, and thankfully still has his 2 parents.

[right] Steven is a little cutie. He collects sticks for firewood for his family and likes to play hide and seek. I would love it if we could play hide and seek with him one day <3 Steven had recently started school and comes from a large family aswell.

Graeme and I sponsor these kids for a small amount a week and they bring us such joy in our lives.

World vision are looking for more sponsors for these two kids

If you have been thinking about sponsoring any of these beautiful children in need of help then this Christmas season, please give. Contact me if your heart has been stolen by either of these two cuties and I can hook you up with the right people! :)

Much love and blessings, happy December xx

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