Saturday, December 25, 2010

Week 2 - F & V Tally

This week I have done marvelously! I think I was so shocked by last weeks statistics, it scared me into succeeding this week. As you will see, I actually had many servings over the weekend following!

Saturday - Subway (Including a record helping of lettuce, capsicum, red onion and cucumber) 1, Pear 1.
Sunday - Pear 1, 
Monday - Capsicum .5, potatoes 1, pear 1
Tuesday - Peas and carrots (inside an indian curry, thanks for the tip Janelle!) 1.5
Wednesday - 
Thursday - 
Friday - Pita Pit (lettuce, capsicum, cucumber, beetroot) 1

Total: 8

Okay so I got off to a great start, then sort of fizzled out. I only include things here that are considered at least one serving, that is a portion that would fit in my hand. 

This week thanks to a delicious pot luck, we had an abundance of deli meats, so every sandwhich I had I included lettuce, which I never do by choice, so I was also proud of myself for that.

+ I bought Graeme extras. I cooked him broccoli most nights, and got him blueberrys for his lunch this week.

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