Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Review

2010 has felt largely just like "another year" not many life changing, exciting, or out of the ordinary things happened, but a lot of little achievements were made and many little adventures were had along the way.

Graeme and I rang in the new year dressed as Shaggy and Daphne from scooby do and had a great time at Primal Getaway. We also got to preach there, and spend time with awesome people!
We also moved houses (to the house next door) and thoroughly enjoyed having a linen cupboard!!

My sister also visited from London and my oldest brother Murray and his lovely Lady got married!!

I started an internship with my church, something that I have wanted to do for a while. My internship was to be doing Primal Youth and Getaway, but later changed to other things.

Your Best Life conference in Auckland

Our good friends Dan and Rachel were married (yes, I am wearing the same dress to both weddings. I only just realised now!) and Graeme went to Wellington to see John Mayer live!! + The 3 day Encounter Summit which I helped organise as part of my internship.

Graeme turns 24 and we celebrate with dinner and a poker party! :)

I go to Auckland with a bunch of lovely lovely ladies from C3 Christchurch

We head to Auckland for 30 Seconds To Mars live and have a blast!! + Everywoman Pamper, another event I ran as part of my internship.

7.1 Magnitude earthquake in Christchurch scares the crap out of us, so we escape to Nelson for an adventure with good friends! Unfortunately we come home to find aftershocks are still happening, and are still months later.

Everywoman Swap-eroo, another event as part of my internship

My belated 21st birthday and a trip to the secret spot!!

The end of my internship, the start of a new job, Christmas and lots of joy <3


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