Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This Love Christmas

Graeme and I run a fortnightly connect group for young married couples (like us!) at our house every fortnight. I LOVE our connect group, the people in it, and what we do, and it is definitely one of my most favourite parts of belonging to a Church.

If you go to church but don't go to a connect group (or cell group, bible study, home group, life group etc), definitely find one that you will fit in with. They will help you connect with people on a much more personal level and will be a real support for you when you need it.

This week, we had our Christmas special, it was delicious, we swapped secret santa presents, Hollie and I sung Boney M Christmas carols, we had our next study (on a wife's vital need of openness and honesty), then played cards and watched some Glee with the left overs. It was magical <3

For the evening, I added to my minimal decorations with some home made attempts at putting the Christmas spirit in our house. What do you think?

Also, Perry and Hollie showed up in co-ordinated Christmas colours! We all realised except them! We promptly put a mini tree in their hands and had a fun photo shoot while they were still stunned and confused :D I <3 Hollie and Perry :)

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