Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Commercial Free Christmas

This year I am really trying to get in the holiday spirit and shun a commercial Christmas all at the same time. This has been a really big challenge.

So far, I am yet to buy a present for anyone and don't plan to.

  • I have seen how stressed out present shopping can make people
  • I know first hand that I don't need anything
  • I don't believe santa is going to drop it down the chimney for me
  • Buying presents for everyone in the family and all my friends is unrealistic, considering i've been unemployed for the greater part of this year
  • I just don't understand how feeding commercialism is helping to celebrate Jesus

When we celebrate present giving we are celebrating St. Nicolas. Did you even know he was real?

In this last week while I have worked at probably the busiest mall in Christchurch, I have witnessed screaming kids wanting more material possessions, frantic mums flying through sale tables and stressed out dads with lists from their wives for presents they have to come home with.

No thanks. That's not for me.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE gifts. Infact, gift giving is my main love language. However, when I give or recieve a gift, I want it to be for the right reasons. Not because we feel pressured to give on a particular day, or have to return the favour.

I have asked my parents not to give me gifts, aside from a gift we've already been given, I am hoping that will be the extent of it.

All that aside, this is the most exciting Christmas I have ever had, and definitely the one I feel most festive about. I can't wait to spend it with family and friends.

I would love to hear your response to this, for or against, it will give me more things to think about :)


  1. I've found this really interesting Sophie. I come from a family where gift-giving is 'essential' - so much so that if you don't give someone a present, let alone a pressie they would like, it's a sure sign that you don't want to know them. Horrific!

    Having married a man whose family way of living is to give throughout the year and not stop (or start) for any particular reason, you can imagine how difficult I found my first few Christmasses! I couldn't understand why my husband didn't want to show his love through presants, so I spent a lot of time in confused thought.

    Long story short I have come to the realisation that my family give gifts based on 'fear' and I wonder how much we are giving gifts to make up for the lack of fellowship throughout the year.

    It has been a long process for me but I think I have found a middle ground. I now try to keep in contact with family throughout the year and come Christmas time, I still give gifts, but small gifts that say 'thank you' rather than 'sorry. My attitude has also changed - this year I found it so much easier wandering through the malls finding little somethings that people will hopefully enjoy and use rather than show off. I have requested that my husband get me a gift, but I have told him a hug will do just as well, which is an extremely refreshing thought. :-)

  2. What beautiful thoughts, Anon (although i'm sure I know who you are ;) )

    A hug will always suffice ;)


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