Monday, January 10, 2011

I Do What I Do When I Do What I Do

I encounter 2 main questions when people want to talk about my blog, here I answer them.

Q: Do you mind people reading your blog and asking you about it in real life?
A: Not at all. Ever since ever I have had some form of online blog - Open Diary, Live Journal, Wordpress, and now Blogger. My blogs change with me, and I move on and grow up from what I have written, but I still love going back to the posts and reading who I am and how I am where I am now. I have no particular aim in blogging except to record my life, so I really don't mind if people don't find it interesting, dont read it, or don't care. But because it's my life, I will get upset if someone hassles my blog (that hasn't happened yet... don't be the first.). Also, it is true that a lot of people ask me about my BlogLand in EarthLand, I think this is totally acceptable too. Society is at the stage now where the internet blurs with real life. There was a day when my blogs would be under fake names, private, or hidden from the world but I am who I am and these days I aim to be a person of integrity in everything I do. So hopefully, you get the real me on Sophie Slim, and also in person. Also, its great for accountability. Especially when I have done experiments like when I tried to live as if I only had 30 days left, or more recently when I am struggling with my SED (Selective Eating Disorder). Lots of people will ask me what I have eaten that day, and when they do I feel noticed, valued, looked out for, and accountable.

Q: Why is your blog called Sophie Slim? 
A: Its a word play with my name. It has nothing to do with my figure or the content of my blog. Its just fun :)

If you have any other questions about this blog (or anything) leave me a comment and I will be happy to answer them in future posts :)

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