Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sophies News

Because I am seriously lacking inspiration, and because I have had multiple people ask me if I'm okay or not due to my lack of blogging recently, I thought  I would update you with a bullet point list of what's going on it.

  • I still have an ear infection, although its MUCH MUCH better, and I have now been put on 3 different perscriptions for it. Silly doctors. I wish Dan Mafi was here, surely he would know what it is.
  • I am addicted to Coco-pops. They really do taste like a chocolate milkshake only crunchy.
  • Graeme and I have left our old house and moved in with his parents. Before you ask why 1) We couldn't find a nice house in time (a. they were either scumdog or b. crazy expensive) 2) We get to save some money in the mean time and 3) His parents are awesome.
  • I am unemployed again, and have been for a number of weeks. It turns out after telling my employers in the application, the interview, on the phone when they offered me the job and when I had started working that I couldn't work Sundays and they assured me that was fine... It really wasn't fine. 
  • Graeme and I have booked flights to the Gold Coast in March to see family and have a holiday. So excited for this.
  • Before then though, we are going to the Your Best Life conference in Auckland in February - join us! I seriously can't wait. 
  • I am soaking up summer, because I seriously loathe winter, so am about to go for a walk in the sunshine.
  • I just read the book Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, it was long winded and far too detailed, but all in all a good read.
  • If you have any better books to suggest to me, let me know! I went to the library the other day intending to rent some good literature but got overwhelmed. Next time I will go with a list.
  • Somehow I need to find my creative grove and then I will be back blogging as per usual. I am sure you will notice when this happens. Perhaps some sunshine and yarn will help?
Love you all, stay cool x


  1. Hey! Bummer about the ear and the job (stupid ppl who make you work sundays) but yay about the sun and the holiday and saving while at the inlaws.
    I am currently reading War & Peace which is a big book but interesting and it's a classic so always good to read them.
    Enjoy the sun! I'm outside with my laptop... haha...I know defeats the purpose! xo

  2. Hmmm it seems a classic that I have never heard of before!

    I will google it :)

    Enjoy the sunshine! Hope you get a moments peace from the kids x


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