Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Generally speaking, I am a sinner who is a lier, a complainer, self focused and with an ego by nature.

Despite all of this, I am trying to be a person of integrity in everything I do because a lot of the times I fail at this.

As Christians most of us have not grasped the fact that what we say and do directly comes from what we really believe and think.

Although to do this on our own would be considered works based, I am aiming to do this with God as my convictor.

I am praying that he would open my eyes and help me to be a better person and to represent him well.

[I believe that it is important to constantly evaluate the fruits of salvation in your life and to do something about the results. If you are lacking in this area as I am, or any other area, I hope you pray too.]

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