Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Few Things...

Those eyes!! Milla and her friend at Church :)

Just some things going on inside this life...

I feel like these last few weeks have been the longest of my life. At the end of the evening I am finding I have spent far too much of the day chasing after Camilla, finding her in other rooms, saying "don't touch that!" "leave it!" "not for eating" and anything else like that. Camilla loves chords and no matter how hard we try to hide them she'll find them. I find I can't go on my laptop during the day, she will beeline straight for it and then I get the guilts because she has realised that something else has my attention.

I have discovered that if I crouch down nice and low in the hallways she will try and get past me and crack up laughing when I block her way, its the cutest thing and it can use up 5 minutes of our time quite nicely. As I've said before, she doesn't say much, so to be able to make her giggle is the best part of my day!

I am realising that I am having to intentionally parent and teach our daughter about life. Do you have any tips or experience as to what worked for your family? Especially for such a young age.

If you were wondering, I'm healing up nicely. Still low on iron and I can feel it everyday. By 2pm I'm ready for a sleep, most of the time I don't get one, but if I do they make a great difference. I am SO glad that I went in to have the procedure done. Mentally I feel so much better for it, and that is worth a lot in my books.

Did I ever mention how great my husband was during and after? Well, he was a star! I can't really tell you specifically what he did to be a star because I was a bit out of it in hindsight, but I know he made a huge difference to my healing and allowed me room to be and rest. I might talk about this a little more in the future as I process what happened (okay, it really wasn't that much of a big deal, but it helps to talk about these things).

Last week we were given an amazing gift. I will probably tell you about the generosity at a later date; Hang tight and in the meantime know that there are few thoughtful, generous, kind people out there.

We are still collecting money for Free The Slaves. You can visit our facebook page here, so far as I write this we have raised over $400 $500! Amazing.

Thank you for being so kind. If you are here on your own free will I really do love you. Thanks for taking a moment to read these words and see a little more of who I am.


  1. 1. Those eyes are gorgeous!
    2. Every SAHM has days where it feels like all you do is tell your baby off, but as long as there are also conscious moments of fun and love, then don't beat yourself up about them.
    3. I'm glad you're healing nicely :)
    4. Generous gifts come to generous people :)
    5. Woo hoo - go Unfolding Hope!!

  2. Keep at it Soph! All new phases have some new trials but they pass, as does everything. Can you close off the rooms you don't want her to go in? If she has no access to rooms and things are up high out of reach then she can't get to them and you won't have to tell her off all the time. That's my suggestion. Don't worry, I'll be at that stage (again) with my little man whose already showing at 3 months old that he wants to play with his big sisters!! yikes, better pack away my sewing ... ugh!
    Hope everything else is good and well. xo

  3. Camilla is actually beautiful. She is sooo beautiful. Please don't take this the wrong way... but she's so pretty that she LOOKS like a girl. A couple times in the last few weeks I've had strangers ask if my baby is a girl. Do I dress him up feminine-like? Meh.

    It's refreshing to hear that I'm not the only Mum who gets on the floor and plays baby-style too :) Yesterday I got out my crossword mag and did it on the floor next to Levi. He helped me out by drooling all over it, then sat on it infront of me and rested his head on mine as he was facing the other way playing with toys.

    Go you with Unfolding Hope! That's so awesome.

    You really are doing a great job; Mum, wifey, organiser extraordinaire (and everything else).


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