Monday, April 2, 2012

Intro to Unfolding Hope

Recently a group of incredibly generous and talented women have been gathering in secret, planning and scheming ways that they could create, donate and save.

Now is the time to reveal all, and I will be doing so over the course of the month, this definitely wont be the last time you will hear about Unfolding Hope from me. Miriam is the brain behind the whole thing and I have been one of her many helpers and over time this cause has become quite close to my heart.

In short, Miriam is raising funds to donate to Free The Slaves; an American organisation that is freeing slaves all over the world. It is a sad reality that this is still happening and if you let it sit for a while, I'm sure it will stir your heart into action. Just take a moment to think about it; Slaves. In 2012. I know.

If you're already on board you can donate through the link on the right of my page --->

For every $10 you donate you'll go in the draw to win something from the prize pool. Companies and talented people right across New Zealand have donated their goods to be up for grabs (I know!! This is a BIG deal). You can view whats available here on Miriams blog. New prizes are being added all the time. 

Like us on Facebook too. There you'll be kept up to date with how much has been raised already and what goodies you could be winning. 

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