Tuesday, April 24, 2012

On My Favourite Nappy - A Review

In all my life I never imagined I would be so consumed and focussed on the contents of a nappy.

Nappies are so important and I completely underestimated their value prior to Baby. I found myself carrying around multiple changes of clothes because of the inevitable poo explosion. It is a total pain in the *bum*, holding a baby and realising you have poo on your arm, on your clothes, on their legs. Gag. I am SO glad we are past that stage and have moved onto something more solid and more cloth nappies!

I tried a lot of brands; Huggies, Treasures, Baby love (aweful), eco genius nappies, Budget Brand (sucks!!). My favourite nappy? Homebrand.

What!!?? You don't have to pay the earth for a good nappy? I know! The cheapest nappy of all provided the best coverage, absorbency, fit, price, range of sizes and well, I couldn't really fault them.

I know. Disposable nappies! Cue the nappy banshees raining down on me! I know disposable nappies are filled with only God knows what chemicals. I'm not condoning their use, but if you're going the disposable way; I can recommend Homebrand nappies - Ain't no shame in havin' Homebrand in your nappy bag!

What did I think about the other nappies I tried?

HUGGIES REVIEW: Huggies were always the most expensive. They did their job, but I'm a Mum looking for a bargain and it wasn't anywhere near huggies. They have cute designs on them, but honestly, my Baby doesn't know who Winnie the Poo is, and I'm not fooled by your expensive marketing campaign! The outside of the nappy felt almost like brushed fabric

TREASURES REVIEW: I quite liked treasures. They were unisex and purple, not sure if that effects the use by a Mum of a boy, but I enjoyed them none the less. When my baby got a bit older and was rolling over during her sleep she would wake up in the middle of the night and be soaked in her own pee - I think it was because her tummy was squishing the nappy and pee was coming out the top. Don't ask me how that works by it only ever happened with Treasures nappies! The outside of the nappy feels a lot more papery than Huggies - very different!

BABY LOVE REVIEW: Aweful. Don't even bother. I bought them because they were on sale and I immediately regretted it. They leaked nappy contents 70% of the time and I didn't even use up the whole packet, I gave up. They do have good sales on their nappies though so sometimes you can grab a bargain, but i'll never be fooled again! The outside of the nappy has some sort of synthetic layer on it, supposedly to stop leaking, but I found my baby was very damp and sweaty underneath even when the nappy was relatively dry. I think it prevented her bum from breathing. Unlike all the others they don't have a stretchy waistband at the back. I don't know why, but the stretchy waistband is definitely good. Oh, and they have the wiggles on them. Marketing to my 3 month old? No thanks! I would never bother with these again.

ECO GENIUS REVIEW: I am having nappy-brain. I can't remember using these but I know I wasn't fussed.

BUDGET BRAND REVIEW: Leak, leak, leaks!

**All of my opinions, no sponsorship involved.

Oh! Can I say something else about Homebrand? Yes? Thankyou. Last month I bought my Babys regular size and when I got home the nappies inside the bag were huge! I emailed them, and went in and they exchanged my nappies and gave me a full refund! A 200% guarantee! Huzzah Countdown!



  1. We use cloth nappies and I have to say that virtually the only number 3- escape from the nappy poo explosions that we have had have been on the rare occasions that we have used disposables.
    I must admit I never know which disposables to buy when I buy them so thanks for the recommendation.

  2. I always used the pams brand cherish(?) with my kids (annoyingly after 6months because they didn't do nb size). Found them to be the best and most affordable. Huggies nappies always smelt really strange to me!
    actually cant believe I'm sitting here replying to nappy talk.......haha

  3. I use a mix of cloth and disposable, but unfortunately my son has sensitive skin,and reacts to everything but huggies...argh

  4. My daughter has a sensitive skin (just like her mum!) and we have tried almost everything. Cloth nappies aren't absorbant enough esp. overnight. Most disposables leak and we have settled on Huggies simply as she doesn't react to them and they don't leak.

  5. we clothed with honey child for the first year, but they were mega bucks and wore out so we switched to huggies and we compost them via 'enviro-comp' .They do nappy composting for christchurch too, and wellington soon) and pick up from your door. am about to look into environmentallly friendly nappies 9i'll let you know how we get on) x

  6. Laugh! I love your pure honesty. My fave is Treasures, typically no leaks and they keep him dry as. Except this morning when I changed his nappy mid-pee.... oops.

  7. I am still to try these homebrand nappies! I am addicted to online shopping right now, and have discovered Pampers nappies, they are expensive so I only get them when they come on sale, but by FAR the best nappy I've tried so far. Also TouJours are quite good too. Both brands I think are made in Germany and are cheap to buy in bulk! TouJours can be found on gonappies.co.nz if anyone cares to have a nosey!

  8. Homebrand is by far the best all round nappy. Always dread going away where theres no countdown. Nothing comes close!

  9. We have honeychild and ecobubs. Tried itti bitti but they soak thru too fast to be much use and seem to be for skinny babies. Favourite disposable is Naty but at twice the price we don't get them often. The Naty has really good long waist tags so no scratchy Velcro like stuff on baby's skin.


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