Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Going On Lately...

Its been a long while since I posted here about everyday life. For the most part I have been leaving my camera at home which is most un like me and with a lack of photos comes a lack of posts about the everyday mundaneness that is our life.

I kind of love that. So here's a quick recap:

Easter weekend here in Christchurch was absolutely beautiful. For the last 6 years I have always struggled to maintain a "this weekend is about Jesus" and also "Yay! Four day weekend!" attitude. We attended 3 church services over the course of the weekend and each one challenged me in my relationship with Jesus. I am praying that God would help me understand more the sacrifice he provided for us. We also decided that next year we'll do an easter egg hunt for Camilla. It's kind of a little bit exciting to be thinking about the future and about what our kids will remember as traditions and fun family times. Why an easter egg hunt? Mostly because its exciting and fun. That's about it really.

We went to the beach on Good Friday, our first proper beach trip of the summer season (even though its now autumn) Graeme skim-boarded and lost his glasses (okay, technically I lost his glasses) and we introduced Camilla to the sand and the ocean. I kind of forget that these are all new and massively big deals to a little baby. Camilla was suspect of the sand and ended up crying if she looked at it for too long and the waves come in up the beach had her yelling. Oh dear. More beach trips needed me thinks (yay!)

I'm going out this week sans baby and husband (he's away for FOUR days!!) to a hens party. Oh deary me. I just realised that I've forgotten to go OUT!! Wait. I have to dress up? And make small talk? And for a few hours pretend like I'm not breastfeeding and don't have a baby and my ladyparts aren't still sore from surgery last week!? How does all this going out business work anyway? It's going to be different, thats for sure.

This has also made me realise and I need to get out more. I got out during the day lots, and often we go out at night but its always with husband and baby and I am always in Mother Mode. I think I should have a few nights in Friend Mode. That's healthy, right?

Last week I got off my bum and figured out my sewing machine and made something new and exciting, I'll show it too you some time, but it has also reminded that I like to make things, and this has caused the crochet hook to come out of its jar to finish off a project or two. Hoorah! Happy hooky.

Thus concludes the thoughts of Sophie at this current point in time.

Oh, one last thing - We have awesome new friends, and we love them to pieces! You might hear about them some time in the future too.

Sophie xxx


  1. I was talking to a friend yesterday about creating our own Easter family traditions, and am already thinking about an egg hunt for next year!

    Being able to go out as yourself and not as mummy or wife is so important...it's even better if people don't ask [too much] about your baby and instead ask about you! Have fun planning what to wear!!

  2. I would love for you to be in friend mode! Although I love learning about Milla and babies.

    A girl at work did a treasure hunt for easter - she told her wee girl
    (2) and friend 'I bought you some easter eggs but I dropped them, here are some clues to help you find them!
    I thought that was a cute way to not include the silly easter bunny etc.

  3. It is so good to get out and just be a person without a baby.
    It's also really nice to miss them for a little while too. :)


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