Friday, April 13, 2012

Goin' CRAZY sans BABY!

It turns out it is relatively easy to slip into friend mode - especially when you are an extrovert needing a night out without holding a baby. Too easy actually, because I kind of went over board; My heart was pounding, my mouth was running away from me and I ate far too many sweets! I. Was. Nervous!

Hens parties with christian women are kind of hilarious. It really depends who you have there. I have been to a few hens parties over the year, some of them are very very tame, a few cute games about handbag contents, some dresses made out of toilet paper (I always win that game), but then there are others when you have a few young married in the mix (and older ladies. They are the best! Older married women have lots of stories to share!) who are very good friends. Our hen has very very good bestest friends who are in town for the weekend. They are so tight. They even track each others periods (I know!)! Hilarious games were organised by one of the bridesmaids (one of my besties). I think a few were very stunned by the conversations, mostly marriage and sex tips for a vigrin. Mostly the stunned ones were unmarried unsexed girls. Eek. Sorry girls!

I laughed a lot, ended up over sharing (sorry girls!) and had a great time.

I had to call the hubby afterwards and admit to somethings I shared during some funny games. Thankfully he has a sense of humor and thought it was hilarious.

This friday I am grateful for like minded friends (who wont hold anything against me!), laughter, babysitters (and babys who now sleep through the night!) and letting your hair down once in a while!


  1. Oh dear those poor wee virgins!!! Hilarious what happens when women get together!

  2. Love it! Hens nights are all about over-sharing!

  3. Soph you are awesome! I'm glad G has a sense of humour! Best laughs I have had for a long time!

  4. Wow long time since I have been to a hens night...sounds like way too much fun x


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