Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Our Humble Container Garden

I planted strawberries on a whim a wee while ago. I decided we needed to have them, after keeping a few alive last year (but not for much longer), they were great to have with toddlers, so I went out and bought the plants, soil and pots, even though we couldn't reeeeally afford anything extra that week. but MAN! I am SO GLAD I DID. These little plants are bringing me the greatest of joy.

I love them so much I went out and got some old recycling bins and made a little container garden for ourselves.

Cherry tomatoes, capsicum (I'm not really expecting these to grow, christchurch is too cold for them), strawberries... and now raspberries!

We were given some raspberry canes from a beautiful family in our church when I asked if anyone had any spare on FB. I had a few extra, and was able to give them to some other friends. Huzzah.

And these are our plants, just a few weeks later. Our strawberries are growing like crazy, the tomatoes are starting to creep up the stakes, and the raspberries have flowered and are sending new shoots up from the soil. Its completely satifying in every way, seeing my little plants grow. I'm even measuring my tomatoes growth week by week on the stakes. YEP. So exciting. 

I've seen some epic container gardens on Pinterest, but I'm pretty happy with our wee humble collection of growing things. It's about all I can keep alive right now! 

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