Sunday, October 12, 2014

Moon Gazing :: A Note to My Children

Dearest Children of Mine,

This week your Dad and I sat up late at night, staring out our window watching the bright moon change colour. It was absolutely beautiful. 

We felt like such oldies, taking the time to stargaze. We joked about Googling something, "Do young ones still use Google these days, love?" "Whats a Google?".

But, I hope that you'll always find to look up, into the nothingness and everythingness that is our universe. She's big, but somehow that makes me feel big too. Not little or insignificant like you might presume. Instead it makes me feel loved, and special. That in all of the years, and all of the people, God knows me, and you. It's pretty incredible, really. All of that everything only makes me believe more

I hope you'll find some comfort in that too.

Love, Mumma and Mimimimi.
xxx x


  1. ohhh this post made me go all warm fuzzy .. .. ..

  2. What a wonderful experience - unfortunately it was cloudy here so we did not even bother to stay up - how old is that!! What a wonderful legacy to know we are loved by the Creator if this awesome universe.


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