Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Amanda's Baby Shower Quilt

About a month and a half ago I hosted my first ever baby shower for my darling friend Amanda. I met Amanda 3 years ago at our Plunket new parents group and we have continued our friendship into toddler and second-new-baby hood.

At her baby shower I had the guests (with a lot of encouragement needed!!!) design up a quilt block on freezer paper (bought from Spotlight), they cut out the design and ironed it on to pre-cut quilting cotton.

At home I painted each of the blocks with a glitter gold fabric paint. It's actually quite sparkly and the photos don't do it justice here. In hindsight, I wish I had chosen a different method of doing this, because the glitter is a bit rough and probably not very practical for a nice soft snuggly quilt.

But I wasn't to know that, and I really wanted gold (for some reason). So I continued on, and built the quilt. The yellow around the outside and on the backing has little white dots in it which are hard to see here. 

I love each of the designs and they are all so different. When I showed Amanda the quilt today she had remembered each and every quilt block and who had made it. Impressive!

The back has a wee stripe of mini squares to jazz it up a bit and was hand quilted and hand binded together. Binding I think is my favourite part of making a quilt, its so satisfying all those tiny stitches and smooth edges and corners.

So here is my second ever quilt, not a bad effort, but I'd definitely change some things if I were doing it again.

I'm sure Amanda will do something with it though (and hopefully enjoy it), and it was a joy to pass it over to her and her family. (The new Pepe is doing great by the way :) I got snuggles today! Melt!)

My first everyday quilt
My current scrappy quilt


  1. What a wonderful creative idea. I've never seen anything like that before. A very special quilt. I'm with you about the binding. I give so many quilts away, binding time is my saying Goodbye time.

  2. Loving your colour choices here !!! Hand quilting too go you !!!!

  3. Oh so awesome! and gorgeous effort and teamwork! It will be treasured for a long long time I'm sure x

  4. What a lovely quilt and an inspired design, especially with the personalised panels.

  5. This idea that you shared with us is something that we should be thankful,. It's really great to have someone (friend) who will give you a very special thing, a priceless one. I love how you did this. Great job!

  6. Great work - I like the binding too it's that neat finish I never get/go for on my clothes perhaps?? You should be linking these in with show n tell too! xx


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