Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Little Yellow Table

Errrm so I didn't "make" it exactly. However, I have spent the last few weeks ducking out to the garage in little spare moments to put layers of white and yellow on this wee coffee table. 

This is Resene's Paris Daisy, I bought a 1L of it to do up our bedside tables, so I have heaps of yellow left! Everything is going to be turning yellow around here...

I didn't do the greatest paint job in the world, but I'm trying to finish things rather than get stuck in the "it doesn't look perfect" rut. My builder and perfectionist brother won't be impressed by it, but I am. 

And, its the perfect (wee) size to have in our (wee) lounge, and can be easily moved about.

I love our new happy table!

(big thanks to our Fretty friends who generously share their thrifty finds with us)


  1. It's so sweet! Looks great. I'm painting some of our chairs at the mo - tell me: do you have to varnish as a top layer on furniture, to protect it? Or not bother?

  2. Cute - love the shape and the colour


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