Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Colour Swap Sent and Received!

2014 Colour Swap

What on earth is wrong with me? I have signed up for my first two swaps in the space of one month!! The first being the kids handmade clothing swap, and the second being a swap based on the receivers favourite colour, it was suppose to contain 3 gifts, with a $20 total ballpark value and contain something inspirational! 

This one was organised by Miriam and I liked that the rego form had so many questions on it, it gave me a real sense of what the person I was buying for was into.

I sent a wee parcel to Gill, who likes blues and whites, nature styled things, crafts and a few scents. I had bought the stag head design off Etsy, had it printed and framed, along with some fat quaters, embriodery threads (not pictured), and a vanilla fragrance diffuser. 

I wish I had put in more time into making something awesome for Gill, but with birthday parties and family holidays I left it all a bit late. Anyway, she tells me she likes the parcel and that it was very "her". So, success!

I just received my parcel from Lisa in Australia! Most of it was handmade, including all the packaging. She's very very talented! Choccies, a handmade tilda bird and fox, buttons and a little quilting pattern.

She's already blogged about it, and you can read all about her talents on this blog post (and more!). Lets all just throw up our hands and declare Lisa to be the queen of swaps!

I put on my rego form that I liked most bright colours, blues, pinks, yellows, greens so she went with aqua and I think she nailed it! Thank you so much Lisa! It's clear you put a lot of thought into my parcel and I'm very grateful!

Thank you to Miriam for organising this swap, and to Gill and Lisa for participating with me! 


  1. What a fun swap!! You would never know what you were going to receive, but these look fabulous.

  2. I completely missed the boat on this one - looks like a lovely swap to have been part of. I love what you sent Gill, and I saw Lisa's package of goodies on IG and wondered who the extremely lucky recipient was...and it was you, yaaaaaaaay!

  3. Hi Sophie .oh wow a pleasure to be apart of your second swap..Love the parcel you sent lucky Gill !
    and thank you for your Kind words.:D I had fun reading your blog and gathering ideas on what to make I have no idea as to why but a fox kept popping in my head and when I saw the Tilda fox pattern I had to make her.
    I kept checking for the past few days anticipating the arrive of the parcel hehehe..I love giving it feels so good to my soul.

    Many Hugs xo

  4. Such lovely goodies both ways! Such a great swap!

  5. Wow what a fun swap! I'll have to join in if Miriam hosts another one :)


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