Monday, July 21, 2014

Kindy Starts

The biggest starts Kindy tomorrow morning.

I have completely mixed feelings. I am beyond excited but also terrified. Proud but grieving.

Our little bag is packed with a lunch box, a drink bottle and a spare change of clothes. "Kindy clothes" have been labelled, along with every plastic container we own.

We will get up early in the morning, scoff our breakfast, dash MrMoo to work, return home and dress, and get to Kindy by 8.30am.

I hope we can walk most days as it's just around the corner, across a bridge and through a park, but snow is forecast to be a possibility tomorrow, so we will prepare for a bitterly cold day tomorrow and do our best.

Camilla is ridiculously excited, but seem confused when I said that one day she will be able to go to Kindy all by herself.

That day has finally arrived when we say "Big Girls go to Kindy".



  1. Best of luck Sophie! She'll have a ball. I totally bawled my eyes out each time after dropping my biggest two off at kindy for the first time. Like, full-on, bawled. So even if you cry just a little bit, take heart! Kindy is a big thing! The first time your darling little one has really stepped out in independence - without you! It's a little bit heart breaking and a little bit exciting.

  2. Awwwww....hope all goes well.
    It is a tough transition but I'm sure you will both do great. She will prob do better than you, but that's common and expected...haha
    My youngest's name is Kamilah. Similar to yours...different spelling. Love the way you spelled it.

  3. I am sure Sophie loved Kindy, and that you survived despite your initial grief. It will get easier.

  4. It's hard those first few drop-offs! I was the same - I bawled, for ages... didn't help that she did also! As a trained ECCE Teacher, I knew all the 'right' things to do as the parent, to make it easier on her and the teachers - but that doesn't prepare you for the emotions! BUT, it doesn't take long, and they settle in and have a wonderful time - then they don't want to come home with you *grin* (oh, and you start to look forward to those kindy days also; it's good for everyone)!

  5. Very exciting and a wonderful new step on her journey as a wee person. I found waving goodbye to kindy days harder than starting them. Precious times xxx

  6. oooo so so exciting - bittersweet too! I get way emotional with this stuff - I'm sure she had a ball! xx


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