Saturday, July 12, 2014

Raj and Amy Get Married!

Oh my Goodness! I haven't shown you any photos or details of the best few weeks of my year!!

In March my big Sis and her handsome beau travelled from London where they have lived for 7(?) years to get married in front of their friends and family in Akaroa. 

Since Amy was planning her dream wedding across the other side of the world I ended up (joyfully) doing a few of the details from this side of the globe to make life easier for her. It was a huge event, one that took a lot of planning and I can't quite believe how much they managed just on emails and phone calls! 

I'm quite proud of what I was able to achieve and absolutely loved doing the decorations for the wedding! 

Here are some beautiful photos from the big day...

My most beautiful, stunning sister in her wedding gown!

The three nieces wore indian choli's which Amy and Raj bought when they were in India over the new years and walked down the aisle with Amy and Dad. They were adorable!

Nanny Kim went with us and played Nanny for all the girls, they loved her and had a great time once they were through with their flower girl roles.

My new brother, Raj! 

Oh hello MrMoo! Graeme was given the honour of officiating their marriage!

This wedding was on such an absolutely beautiful day heading into Autumn. It was set at a lodge on the hillside looking down into Akaroa habour! We couldn't have asked for a better day.

My siblings, with Nana and Mum

The reception was in a big room with a massive fireplace and long tressle tables. Amy and Raj didn't have a wedding party, and sat with the guests at the tables. 

We filled the beams with white bunting, fairy lights, and on the tables; jars of garden flowers, candles, burlap and river stones as place settings with the guests name beautifully inked on by my friend Rosita. On the mantle piece they displayed photos of their grandparents on their wedding days.

Phew, it was such a big day and such a rush! I was rushing around everywhere pulling things together at the last minute, but it was so much fun and I really enjoyed it all! It felt like a privilege to be involved in their wedding and it was a beautiful, flawless day! 

They hired a band to play the night out, and at the end of the night it was Amy, Raj, Graeme and Myself. In typical Amy fashion, she danced to every single song and had to be sent home so we could lock up!

Happy Marriage Raj & Amy, we love you both x


  1. What a beautiful day - and you so obviously enjoyed it.

  2. These photos are beautiful! Looks like such a lovely day x

  3. Looks like a gorgeous day. Did they have a London ceremony with his family too?


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