Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Taking Stock

Lately I've been feeling more and more like I want to be here in this space. In a blog world that I have created and moderated. No nasties, just me, doin' what I do. But in this fast paced world, blogging has been put to the side in favour of instant gratification, like fast fashion. We want it here and now, and instagram fulfills so much of that. 

Here I am, lap top open, checking in. *deep relief sigh* I've missed this.

Inspired by Stella, I thought I'd do a "taking stock" post, a random one from Meet Me At Mikes (did anyone else think this was meet meat mikes like I did? No? Just me?)

Making : A quilt (For the first time! Yoo!), crochet dishcloths and some little girl bunting for my new niece
Cooking : All the most boring things ever. I'm still completely terrified of most foods. Oy. I wish I wasn't.
Drinking : Red wine. It's Wednesday night, I've had a bath, the hubs is out all night and I'm ready to PAR-TAY!
Reading: Eat This Book, by Eugene Peterson (in the bath)
Wanting: Company when I'm alone, and time by myself when I am surrounded.
Wasting: Too much time on IG and FB these days.

Sewing: A quilt for the first time! I've finished the top, it's really simple. It need to go get me some backing, wadding and binding! Sheesh, quilts are pricey! 
Wishing: For my own home. One day. 
Waiting: For school holidays to be over; Milla starts Kindy next term! Yippee!
Liking: All these new blogs I rediscovered tonight that for some reason weren't on my blog lovin' reader! What!
Loving: My friends, they are life savers and sanity givers.
Wishing: I had put the hard work into Pottermore years ago so I could read the new Harry Potter story tonight! 
Marvelling: At my precious Katie, 1 year old now, she is brilliant.
Needing: Strength everyday. Winter. I hate you so much, Winter. Worst season ever.
Smelling: Fresh flowers on my table, delivered by a secret flower Ninja.
Noticing: Jesus in the everyday. How amazing that we have a Maker who still cares for his Creation. 
Bookmarking: All the "how to quilt" posts! Why do quilters presume I know what I'm doing when they write basic tutorials!??

Anyone out there? What have you been thinking / dreaming / feeling lately? Leave a comment and let me know, or find me on FB or IG to CHAT (can we please all bring back the blog-interaction back, wherever it may be?)

Love & Peace x


  1. Oh my gosh it's like you read my mind - it's like since IG got popular everyone (myself including) found it sooo hard to open the laptop - actually I've drafted a blog post about it (ironically I actually wrote in an email to myself on my cell phone in the middle of the night, but my hubs reckons it's too ranty! ) I'm missing the blog interaction/ commenting etc! ... Oh and while on the topic of quilting I wrote a quilting for beginners post for Sew Delicious a while back - (warning its long...)

    1. Crazy aye. It's sad. But you know, 15 yrs ago we weren't blogging.. so times change. Perhaps it's time to move with the changes? BUT ya know, blogging is ace - you can link to things, refer back, post multiple photos, have lines between your paragraphs! Haha. I wish blogger would make it easier to reply to comments (like it would alert you, etc. I did try a different commenting platform but it was a MEGA fail)

      Thanks for the link!! I've pinned it! Will go back to it once I've got my extra supplies (maybe on the next pay cycle! haha)

  2. Great to hear how life has been with you lately - I totally hear ya re IG....I long for the good old days of everyone reading and commenting on blogs like they used - I still read everyone's blog (those who do still blog!) as avidly as I did but don't always get to comment unless I'm at my computer...and IG is so much easier but I miss the thought provoking content that a blog provides! Still so glad to have met YOU through blogging - and I think I'm gonna be one of those die hards still blogging AND instagramming and trying to have the best of both worlds for a long time yet :-)

  3. I am always trying to make my quilts cheaper - using sheets for backing and woolen blankets from oppys for the inners are a good start point. Originally quilts were about using up not starting new and although there are some stunning 'all brand new' quilts about the 'make it work' ones are pretty spesh too. I miss having our own place so much - it will come in time xxx as for blogs and commenting it's so nice to get those lovely comments thank fully I haven't embraced IG and I'm only just managing fb but not really. I am an old dinosaur when it comes to technology. x

  4. Woo hoo! I feel like I've been standing in the blogging arena alone, watching all my friends go away and make friends with big bad (okay, not bad) Instagram, while I wave the Blog Flag all by myself, feebly and not-very-often-y, as the case may be. I first thought it was just that 2013 was really busy for a lot of people (it certainly was for me!!) so blogging and commenting was one of the things that got dropped, but, as I've said elsewhere before, I think it's been the rise of IG that makes it much easier and quicker to connect to your blogging friends. I love my blog for the way I can keep a virtual journal of our family, for us all to look back on in the years to come, in a more in-depth way than just pics like on IG - which is good too, btw. I think in a few months time when my middle two start at kindy together I might have a bit more time to blog more regularly - and I'm really looking forward to it! I've missed you here in this wee space, Sophie Slim! xxx

  5. I'm with you... there's nothing like blogging. IG is cool but it's just a taster, not a meal. Lovely to see a post from you Sophie x

  6. Hey hon quilting can be but doest need to be pricey. Op shopped wool blankets instead of batting, op shopped sheets or fabric for backing and make your own binding.
    Love that you're making a quilt!

  7. Great list! I think lots of people are blogging and reading but not so much commenting! Though I try my best to get around! May do a taking stock in the next few weeks - love reading everyone's lists! x

  8. I just blog so don't use Instagram. I hear that's what all the cool kids are doing :P love to see all the pics of your life and family. Been slack blooging/commenting. Excited to see your quilt :)

  9. Ah, a post from you makes the world adjust to its correct axis :-) I find IG had definitely made me a lazy blogger, but having a smartphone in General has made it more difficult to comment on occasion....I usually read blogs on my phone over breakfast, then mean to go back and comment on the laptop or tablet but by the time I get a chance, it feels like the moment has passed. Sigh. But even when I don't comment, I still read and adore xx

  10. Argh! I know what you mean about Pottermore! I can't seem to log in/make an account, but I WANT TO READ THAT STORY! And I just updated my blog roll too, over a year since Around the Table! I'm sure there are a bunch I've left off, but I can't remember which is which...


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