Friday, July 25, 2014

Kindy Begins!

Dear Milla,

Welp. You did it. You started Kindy this week!

You had such a fun morning on Tuesday.

You were so excited about putting your lunch box and drink bottle away. "The man showed me where!". That man being your head teacher.

Everyone welcomed you during Mat Time and we sung a waiata.

You loved the foam "with the sparkly bubbles" in it. It was crazy pink polystyrene, all glued together. I haven't seen anything like it before, but you went straight to it and made meatballs.

You did a beautiful painting with high lighter pink and green paint.

Then you painted on mirror card and did about 5 works of art. 

(I think were going to get A LOT of art coming home soon!!)

You played with the slime table that had egg beaters and glitter in it. Another girl was playing with you and she showed you how to rolls up your sleeves. Then you checked out the blocks and duplo and the outside construction table.

You were shown where the bathrooms were by Alia and used the toilets all by yourself.

You drew on the white board, played with the dolls and figured out where the play kitchens are.

Alia looked after you a little bit and became your little buddy. You both had morning tea together. It was so sweet.

Milla, you were in heaven. So much to do, so much art to make! You were definitely drawn to the creative area of the Kindy. I can't wait to see how it grows you.

It was an absolutely freezing cold day. Freezing your bones kind of cold. After we got out of Kindy (Katie and I stayed with you the whole session) your cough developed into choking and retching and barking, and Katie began coughing as well. We made a quick trip to the doctors to be given steriods for croup to see you through the night.

Since then, you and Katie have been recovering and we have been hibernating in the warmth of our home. Thankfully you don't really realise that you should have gone to kindy for the rest of the week.

But next week we will be at it again, and you'll be going all by yourself. You will LOVE it. I am so proud of you Milla. You're really growing and it brings me so much joy to see you so confidently exploring this world.

Love x


  1. So glad Milla loved Kindy and you are happy at her settling well there - sorry to hear she has not been well :-(.

  2. Hope you are all feeling better now - I used to make BIG pots of soup for the kindy kids in the middle of 'Auckland Winter' as I too found it COLD !! !!
    Kindy is so much fun - I loved my kindy days with the kids .. .. ..
    Enjoy this moment of your lives

  3. Yay for an awesome first day! Hope you're all feeling better now - we are all too familiar with croup! Enjoy this next phase xx


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