Monday, July 21, 2014

My First 'Everyday' Quilt

I've just finished my very first quilt! I am sooo excited about this project! I wasn't intending on making a quilt, but I follow so many amazing quilting crafting genius' on IG it was hard not to feel inspired (Thanks Deb, Cat, Leonie, Laura, Juliet, Jenny, and everyone else for all of your advice and help!)

I searched through Debs quilting blog history and found this super simple beginners version that Deb calls her 'every day quilt'.

Altogether I used 10 FQ's, a meter of fabric for homemade binding, fabric for the backing and cotton wadding. I bought everything new, but all for sale, and it worked out much cheaper that I had anticipated. And much cheaper that crocheting a woolen blanket and actually cheaper I think than I could buy it for (which often doesn't happen in the crafty world)

(sorry for not ironing it before the photo Nana!)

This quilt is intended to be Katies for her first big girl bed, just like I made the white crochet blanket underneath in the first photo for Millas first big girl bed. 

It worked out smaller than I had hoped for. Silly me, I should have sourced the backing first - all the tutorials said to make sure your backing was bigger than your quilt top. But because I got the backing last I couldn't find any that was bigger than the top. Next time I'll go prepared to shop for a backing first, and will hopefully pick up a cheap sheet from somewhere so its plenty big. Unfortunately I had to trim a few inches off each side to accommodate my smaller backing. Doh! Sad! Lesson learnt.

The backing I did go with is the same as that square that has the light pink with the different spots on it.

I really love how simple this is for a first quilt project. It meant I could get it done in a few good nights without distraction and I didn't loose heart or get too confused or frustrated.

And I surprised myself, I especially loved hand quilting it together and hand sewing the binding on! It was so satisfying, getting all those little stitches to line up. 

I love how bright and colourful this blanket is! It's so happy! A few weeks ago it was nothing, and now with a little time and love it is something that will keep out family warm!

Now that I have some new found skills and discovered I enjoy somethings I didn't think I would I know this wont be the last quilt that I make.

Thank you to everyone on Instagram for your input and encouragement! You inspire me everyday with the creations that come from your hands.

Here's some handy links if you're wanting to make your own:


  1. Go you sister! I'm in awe of your hand stitching! I'm maybe working up the courage to try a quilt (MAYBE), but not sure I'd have the stamina to hand stitch it! Great work!

  2. What a fabulous quilt, love your bright coloured squares and gorgeous binding - I have made two (a wee bit more complicated) and that will be that for me :-).

  3. Good morning
    Well done you! Super first quilt. I'm sure it will become a much loved treasure. You may like to think about repurposing an old blanket for batting next time. I buy wool blankets at op shops. They make marvelous quilts, so warm and easy to quilt. I do of course try to go for cream ones but with a dark quilt it doesn't matter so much. I don't know how they would be for hand quilting but they machine quilt up beautifully.


  4. Yay well done you!!! handstitching is so relaxing and so mega satisfying isn't it!! Can wait to see where you go with your next quilt! Katie and Milla are sure to love it both!! Go you! (and if you feel like it, do link up ;) ) xx

  5. So awesome to see this finished Sophie and still giggling over my OCD horror in the lay out of your random colours .. .. ..


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