Thursday, September 11, 2014

Because I'm Happy

Just a regular ol' sunny Thursday morning here. You'll often find me on a Thursday morning desperately trying to finish off my EziBuy blog post that's due every fortnight. 

You'd think that since I have a fortnights warning I would be much better prepared, alas, I never am. This week I took my tutorial photos BEFORE Thursday (amazing), but still find myself scrambling in my 1.5hr slot of child free time. The dishes, washing and vacumming are waiting for me too. But here I am, checking in at Sophie Slim, my favourite place.

SO. JUST BECAUSE. Here are some things that make me happy (I waited all winter for someone to nominate me for one of these grateful challenges, but no dice.).

My whanau. Aren't they adorbs? Life is much busier with Kindy in the mix, and for the first time I am appreciating slow weekends and more opportunities for quality time with each of our family members. 

New hooks I've ordered from EziBuy. These require screws in the wall, a luxury we don't have in a rental. So they will be squirreled away for one day when we are able to purchase our own home. And then we will screw all the screws! The idea of having something for "later" excites me to no end. 

I think I have FINALLY cracked my presser foot woes. I have an old Globe machine (my Nanas), it is great, but I've never been able to find a presser foot (zipper foot) that will fit it. They are all clip ons these days. 

Whenever I have asked professionals they have looked at me and said "they don't make those", HA. You're no help Mr Sewing Machine Man. So finally after a few years I turned to google, accidentally ordered this industrial foot (on the right)(it did look strikingly similar in the photo so I thought I would try my luck), and after a bit more searching found that my feet are called LOW SHANK. Hallelujah. The internet knows they exist!! 

So I have now bought a low shank adapter and a clip on zipper foot (you can get low shank zip feet, but I thought an adapter might be easier for more feet later on...). I'll be trying them out tonight, all seems good so far. Booyah. 

[[Thanks for all your super kind comments on the Poroporo Tunic. Your encouragement saw me finishing another garment last night!]]


  1. Kindy - busy but so worth it! I hope she's over her little regression and is back to loving it. Screwing all the screws - the BEST. Sewing stuff - yay!! I recently inherited my nana's sewing machine and am madly looking for a desk for our spare room so I can set it up and get making some stuff xxxx

  2. It does my heart good to read your blog and to see a young Mum making time to sew in amongst all the other things you do, so great to find those feet. Well done. Those hooks look amazing and so cheerful.

  3. Nothing like a happy post to make a person smile! Loving it all! Hope you have a wonderful weekend x


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