Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Zipper Pouch [stuff I've made]

I told you last week that I would make something new each week, but I didn't promise it would be anything amazing!

I knocked this pouch up in between house chores and child distractions one afternoon last week. I broke 3 needles on it, (trying to get over the zipper in the side seam), so it took until a week later (today) to get new needles and finish off the last 2 seems until it could be completed!

At the beginning of the year one of my goals was to master a zipper, so I'm thinking a few easy zipper pouches will give me some practice, so this is the first! And I -finally- found a zipper foot that would attach to my machine (for anyone that wonders, I have an old Globe 510 machine, and have bought a low shank adapter and a clip on zipper foot from Direct Sewing)

I love that it is fully lined, it makes a great wee make up bag (and can now replace my too small, moldy one!) 

I'm pretty happy with my first proper zipper attempt! I could do with some sharpening of skills (so I will keep working on it), but its definitely useable and something I am very proud of. 


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  1. They are so handy! I still have to double check which was to have the zipper teeth facing with pouches and I still feel like I always get it wrong! Your's looks fantastic and like you've done it heaps!

  2. That is an awesome first attempt, well done you xx

  3. I can understand you being proud of this - it looks very good for a 'first zipper' project.


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