Sunday, September 14, 2014

Millas Frozen Party

Last week we celebrated Millas 3rd birthday with a party for her select few little friends and their parents. She requested a "Frozen and icecream party" and that's exactly what she got. (I pre warned the parents we would be feeding their little children icecream!)

I didn't go overboard on decorations (infact, I spent 79c on them). Some borrowed blue bunting and some pom pom yarn on sale was the sum total of Frozen themed decorations, but it was enough to surprise the little people attending and let them know that something special was happening.

First we played pin the nose on Olaf - a happy little snowman who gets a carrot nose in the movie. Being 3 year olds, party games are a bit risky, but you've got to learn this classic some time right?! It was turning into a bit of a flop, none of the children wanted to take part / didn't know how. Luckily our fun friends stepped in and made it a hoot for the kids. They found great joy in leading their blind Daddys to Olaf.

Milla requested plaits like Anna for herself and also me! She also wore her Elsa cape (a birthday present made by me!) throughout the party, and each guest got an Elsa crown after pin the nose on Olaf.

Even Monkey got a crown!

Ice cream time! We set up a little ice cream "bar" inside. i had pre scooped the childrens into bowls to make it faster for them. I forgot the fruit and jelly in the fridge, I'm always forgetting things at the last minute. 

After ice-cream we smashed Elsa's Frozen Hands (water frozen inside gloves, and then the glove removed once solid). The bigger kids handled the hammers really well and were very safe with them and spent 5 minutes smashing up all the tiny bits of ice. 

While the big kids were doing this I had filled our water table with water and star shaped ice cubs with glitter frozen inside. The little babes had great fun splashing around with that and were none the wiser of the hammer and ice chaos happening metres away.

At our parties I like to have a few little activities planned to keep the kids on some sort of focus - rather than going free range about our house. I think it centers them and helps contain the chaos. 

Activities need to be age and stage appropriate. I think pin the nose on Olaf went over their heads, but was worth doing. Maybe they'll be a bit more ready for the next party that does it! 

I like to keep food simple, it was great doing it in the afternoon and offering ice cream, I just wish I had remembered the fruit and jelly in the fridge. I'm not big on the "food tables", food isn't really my strength and I don't think kids pay too much attention to the food tables, so that made my life much easier. 

After most of the guests had gone Milla said "I'm just going to go have a rest" and laid down on her bed for a few minutes and then made her way back out again when she was ready. Parties are big tiring occassions for our little introvert and its important we take that into consideration when planning. 

This was a simple but fun party that only took a few days to plan! We had a great time with our guests and Milla was the happiest 3 year old in the whole world. 

And finally, a HUGE THANK YOU to Jared and Georgia for taking these beautiful photos. We will treasure them forever xxx


  1. Sounds like a very successful party - well done!

  2. Looks like a very cool party Soph! I love the ice hands and glitter cube idea

  3. Everyone is getting SO BIG! Good job Mama! Love simple but effective :)

  4. looks like you hit all the right notes! well done x

  5. Looks way cool Sophie! Awesome job - gosh love the details like the Frozen hands and also having the super littlies catered for! Fantastic!

  6. Looks like loads of fun and not too difficult to pull off at all - love a party like that! FROZEN is definitely the theme of the year huh!


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