Friday, September 5, 2014

Frozen Party Eve

It's not that I make a habit of forgetting such important details in a 3 year olds life, it's just that things have been busy. I just threw a baby shower for a friend, and I kept thinking "I'll start party prep after the shower". And I still thought I had a few weeks up my sleeve. I need to get a proper physical on the wall calendar me thinks.

Anyway. As it turns out, you don't actually need more than a week to throw this kind of party (assuming all goes to plan of course!). I'm a simple party kind of gal I think. Most of my effort goes into age appropriate activities it seems. I don't have much finess in the kitchen so the "food table" that looks so glam on Pinterest doesn't do much for me. 

Camilla requested ice cream (has she been browsing ice cream bars on Pinterest??). So yesterday we went to the super market and bought a bunch of toppings for said ice cream. Tomorrow I'll put it in bowls. Boom. Food done. Keep it simple people. There's not even a cake, I'll put the candles in her dessert. We are totally cool with that.

We only have a little living area, so numbers of invited little people were very limited and I have taken all the toys out of the lounge (except for the important play kitchen), to make room for the extra adults.

BUT. I do know she is going to have a blast. 

We are all good to go! Frozen party countdown time!  


  1. Exciting! Cant wait to see how it goes!! Happy Birthday little dot!

  2. Lol, I read that as 'I need to give my wall calendar a proper physical.' Haha! So confused - but figured it out ;-) Hope you have a lovely day! Those pompoms look just perfect!


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