Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Poroporo Tunic

Last weekend I put a call out to find out everyones tried and tested favourite kids and womens clothing patterns.

I had a great response on my Facebook post and also my blog, and Jenny of Mend and Make New did a dedicated blog post in response! I pinned my favourites of your favourites and set about to make something!

First up is this super cute "Sandy's Tunic" by Lily Bird Studios. 

Out of all the PDF patterns I've used (which is the majority of any of my sewing), this is the most comprehensive pattern I've come across, it explains every detail and has great photos. Because of that I would say it is suitable for a confident beginner. There are a few techniques to practice in this top - binding, gathering, button holes (ACK), plackets and top stitched "pleats" (I've forgotten the name of them). Plenty of techniques to keep it interesting, but as I said, it is all step by step instructions. 

I'm going to aim to make a couple more of these because I think it's just so stinking cute, and would look great all in one colourway me thinks.  

Milla is on a huge purple buzz right now, so she is pretty stoked with her "waiporoporo summer top".

What to sew next? Maybe some shorts, or a peasant dress? I've officially put an overlocker on my must get list, so I'm going to tackle fun knit fabrics once I have one, in the mean time, cottons it is for us!


  1. As an overlocker owner I never use it for knits. Because knits don't fray you just need a stretch stitch on your machine or a narrow zig zag. I don't find the overlocker effective as a sewing tool when you want a good solid stitch to hold it all together

  2. Lovely wee top, and a beautiful model!

  3. Well done Sophie - it looks fantastic! Adorable little model too! Looking forward to seeing what you make next!


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