Thursday, September 11, 2014

Milla's Emergency Dental Visit

This week Camilla has been complaining of a sore tooth when she has been eating her relatively balanced diet. "Ouch! I have a sore tooth!" she would say and clutch her jaw in pain.

I booked her in to an emergency dental appointment, and then I realised.... She watched the Berenstain Bears a few times a week, a sweet little show about a bear family. In one of the episodes Brother Bear gets a sore tooth and can't eat anything, and Sister Bear gets a lose tooth. They both end up at the dentist and get a special treat and have a great time!

Could this be a co-incidence? It seems not. 

The dentist confirms my little girl has perfectly healthy teeth, and Milla says "My teeth are all better now".

TV has a much greater influence on us than I realised...


  1. Made me laugh and laugh. Glad it's all ok!

  2. Kids huh? :) You did the right thing though, because if it HAD been a problem, it would only have gotten worse by waiting!!

  3. Priceless - kids are such little sponges - at least you know her teeth are great and you can ignore any future requests for another trip now!


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