Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Birth Stories

I read a lot of blogs every day. Some of them are junk and are a waste of my time, others are inspiring, encouraging, insightful and teach me a lot.

One blog that fits the latter senario is Birth Stories. It's a New Zealand blog run by two women and they post encouraging birth stories from around the world.

If you're new to blogging or if you only really read my blog via facebook it might come as a surprise that people would write their birth stories and post them online. Infact, its super common in the blogopshere (I cant believe I just used that term). So common in fact that I would expect to find a bloggers birth story on their page somewhere and if I didn't I would be disappointed.

I've been reading birth stories since before conception. During pregnancy women suddenly open up to you and like to dish all of their gory details. They like to tell you how horrible their births are, how little sleep you will get and how you could tear your vagina in half. I know. Not particularly encouraging and helpful is it? Throughout the course of my pregnancy I have heard many fear-mongering stories. I call them that because that is exactly what they are. They may have been that women's reality, but it is not necessarily mine. Hearing stories like that plants fear inside you that doesn't need to be there. I've become pretty good and shutting down some people mid-story. No thank you ma'am! If you are pregnant or are going to be at all in the future, learn this now, these women are not telling you their secrets because they love you, they are telling you them to make themselves feel better and you don't have to sit there and listen. You can thank me later :)

Anyway, as I was saying, I came across this great website last week that is FULL of positive and encouraging birth stories. They are a joy to read and show how strong women are, how we were created, and how natural processes work. I have been reading a few birth stories every night and it is such a joy. Through this website everyday I am building myself up more and more, knowing what is possible but trusting for the best.

Please check it out, and while you're doing so and you are of the praying type, it would be appreciated if you would join Graeme and I in praying away fear and praying for good blessings for labour, birth and newborns! We so appreciate your support and all that you've offered us so far. We are thankful that we have a loving "village" to raise our children in.


  1. Oh gorgeous girl! You're going to be just fine!
    I remember the feeling....this baby has to come out...and there's only one way out OF ME!!!
    But you know what HE has you in His hand! He has that little cherub in His hand!
    I'll be praying for you and your man!

    Im going to check that website out now... I love a good birth story!

    Xx Stacey

  2. Hey Soph,
    You are so right. Even second time round being pregnant with Tessa, people were shocked, almost horrified that I was thinking about a home birth, let alone PLANNING for one. "but what if something goes wrong?! I needed ....(insert horror story here)" they'd shriek incredulously.
    But despite that, I put trust in my God, my body, and my midwife to do their jobs. And guess what, we had the most amazing home water birth. I wouldn't consider anything else now.
    You are an amazing strong woman, and no matter what happens, a positive birth story is one where you can feel that your decisions were informed, respected, and the outcome of labour is beautiful healthy little Camilla.
    Xx Kat

  3. Number one tip for night time leaking is get a sleeping bra and fold a flat nappy into it, or in the first few weeks when it is just milk everywhere use one nap per boob (or tell people you use one per boob but actually use two).
    Birth stories is a rad site. Now for the unsolicited advice, do lots of visualisations. Imagining your baby locked and loaded in the ideal position is a wonderful help, and don't forget to have fun! If we're lucky we get to do this but a handful of times, so enjoy it!

  4. I was a birth story junkie while preggo...and also homebirth vids. have you seen this one? it made me wanna get a spray tan and flash lingerie to give birth in!

  5. there are some good ones on too - mine is called surreal birth :P



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