Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Good Intentions Tuesday - Round 3

This week my Good Intentions, as inspired by Miriam from Make It Give It, resulted in -another- scarf, which wasn't on my to do list. But once that hook and yarn are connected its really hard to stop, right?

This little pile of collectables has been sitting on our bookshelf for the best part of a year. Generally I am inspired by a piece of stationary and then create something from it. Anyway, last year when I was working at church the kids church were donated boxes and boxes of these cardboard rectangles. To do what with? Well, thats where imagination comes in. Generally if people have things to throw out, rather than taking it to the dump they take it to a church. Some times this is helpful, other times its not. I don't know if the kids church ever used these but out of the hundreds of them I managed to put 4 of them to use.

My intention was to make a concertina to display some of our wedding photos since I still haven't gotten around to making a wedding album or putting up any nice photos in frames. This was supposed to be a temporary measure while I did the others... But I still haven't. Opps.

I really wanted the concertina to have our ribbons and things left over from our wedding and for it to be pretty... But once I got the photos on (I just used photos I happened to have already printed and made do) there wasn't any spare room for ribbons or flowers. The paint job is also totally amateur. But if you dont look too closely you might not be able to tell, which is also why its placed on the bottom of the shelf rather than in full view at the top.

TA-DAAA!!! What have you done this week?

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  1. Well done. I'm going to post a day late tomorrow - too much fun being had in the snow!


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