Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dear Baby, 31 Week Update & Video

Braxton Hicks Contactions: Zero

Times I Have Vomited: Zero

Thoughts: The main question I receive these days is people asking if they can touch my belly (depends) and then followed by "what does it feel like having a baby inside you?". The person then usually goes on to suggest something they might be able to relate to. For example, guys usually say "Is it like needing to do a big poo?" and girls usually say "Is it like having an alien inside you?" Both are correct, sort of.

The weird part is that the baby moves on its own accord. Some times you can prompt it by pushing in certain places, or applying heat or light or by laying down. Other times she will move where she wants when she wants. Space is starting to run out now so I notice almost every single move and it usually (still) takes me by surprise.

When she rolls over (as you'll see in the video I will be posting below) the closest I can similie it to would be going over big bumps in the road (Cantabrians, think of the Bell Moral Straight) that make your tummy squirm. Some times they make you feel queasy.

When she kicks, it literally feels like some one is kicking your insides with tiny rugby boots. You can feel it on the inside and you can also feel your skin stretch with it. It's so unusual!

When she hiccups it is like a rhymic ticking inside, usually deep down in my waist line and if thats the case it will vibrate the rest of my belly (and body).

Some times she sits really awkwardly and you can feel their body parts (head, shoulders, bum, knees) sticking out. Usually that hurts and stretches my skin too much so I lightly push her back in with my hands and she'll reposition herself.

Camilla kicks mostly at night when I lay down and first thing in the morning. She will wake up almost as soon as myself or Graeme talks and start to reposition herself.

I took this video tonight on my digital camera. It's not the greatest quality but I wanted to share it. When most people want to touch my belly they dont really know what they are hoping for. They are usually very surprised if they get a good kick, but most dont.

Babies are strong and I think this proves it.

Music: "The Only One I See" by Evermore

I threw this together tonight - I'm sure my husband could have done a much better editing job, but alas, he is out with the boys and I am home in bed with a cup of tea and chocolate :) Also, I've never done this before so I hope it works! Please leave me a comment if it doesn't for you. [[I especially like her dance moves from 20 seconds. It may look like I'm breathing, rolling my tummy or moving the camera - I'm not, I dont know how to and i'm not]]

Dearest Camilla,

Everyday you are becoming so much more real to me. We have begun to really pray for your future. We are praying most of all that you would be filled with faith, hope and love.

Stay strong.

Love, Mama xxx


  1. Aaaaargh! So cool (and freaky but thats because I don't know what its like) - You are so lucky! :-)

  2. WOW, that is a hundred percent incredible.


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