Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Small Musical Note

I can't sing. At all. For some reason when I was younger I thought I could but by 13 it was clear I had absolutely no musical talent. At all. I don't think I'm completely tone deaf - I can tell when something sounds aweful but I have to get my husband to confirm if something is amazing or just average. I know I sound terrible and for the life of me I just can't get my voice to do what I want it to. I simply don't understand how people can sing!?!? I also have trouble picking out different instruments in songs. If I can see the musician and see what they are playing I can pick it up eventually but otherwise I'm lost. What bass line?

Actually, I have sung in tune twice in my life and I can distinctly remember both moments. It was like the sky parted and for a few seconds I didn't recognise my own voice. There I was, just singing along to a song, one of the was a spice girls song, and all of a sudden some other sound came out of me and I knew that I was doing it!! As soon as it came, it was gone. Where? I don't know. But it certainly didn't happen because of anything I did. It came out of no where. Graeme stopped both times and went "WHOA!!! YOU DID IT!!!" Apparently one time I harmonised. Yep.

Well, my husband is the opposite. With some time and googling he could probably play any instrument. I don't really know if his talent is like every other person and anyone can do that or not but I find it amazing that he can listen to a song and sing in tune or know what key or chord or whatever they are playing.

I love it when he sings. I'm biased and proud, I think his voice is beautiful. Unfortunately whenever I make a big deal out of it he wont sing or he will stop. I have to quietly realise he's singing and just sit back and enjoy it :)

Well, this morning he bought a new singstar game for our PS3 - a Disney channel one. All of the greats! Especially High School Musical, our fav. He's singing along right now trying out all the songs and its wonderful. Best purchase ever.

I just wanted you to know that. Peoples musical talents amaze me. Some times I wish I could sing but I've come to accept it. Now, I am blessed by other peoples skill.

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