Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our "New Family" Family Shower

This weekend all of our family were in town. My Mum had just returned from visiting our sister in England, and our brother and his fiance were in town from the Westcoast. It was a unique time, so we threw a "New Family" shower for our family!

It was a baby shower, but it wasn't. There were no bottle drinking games, or eat the "baby poo" out of the nappy challenges. It was just both of our families together, a huge (and delicious) lunch and lots of laughs (and gifts!)

We didn't get any photos of the occasion (doh) and I had planned on asking my family to write a letter to Camilla for her scrap book just like I have been doing, but I also forgot this as well. (Double doh).

Although it was a short while together afterwards my happy cup was overflowing. I felt very well loved by our families and supported. I am so thankful Camilla has a ridiculously huge and crazy family to grow up in. There was never a dull moment in my childhood and I am hoping the same will be true for her. Lots of love and adventures to be had!!

My Mum did manage to take this photo of Graeme and I before everyone came around. I also later found a beautiful little letter that my Mum had written to Camilla using all the paper and pens I had laid out for that very task. Mum was the only one who knew about it and did it. When I found it the day later and after Mum had left it brought me to tears. So beautiful!!

Good friends of ours are "due" this week with their little boy. Wishing them lots of love and happiness and praying their happy cup overflows this week too! Much love to you guys xxx

We are planning another "New Family" shower this weekend too for a few friends. Remind me to take photos and get you to write Milla a little letter! :)

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