Monday, July 18, 2011

Dear Baby, Week 33 Update

Braxton Hicks Contractions: Zero

Times I have Thrown Up: Zero (so super thankful for this)

Thoughts This Week: My baby girl is getting very very big!! She'll be gaining up to 500gms a week (half a Kg) her lungs still need a little bit of extra work so she would probably need help breathing if she was born now but aside from that she's pretty much good to go! My uterus is right up to my sternum now and under my ribs. This means everything that used to be in my abdomen is now squished up inside my rib cage and I can especially feel this in my stomach (acid gets pushed up my throat easily) and my lungs (easily get out of breath) and my heart (is it just me or is beating faster?). Baby can also kick my ribs which always makes me gasp in surprise. I've been in the Third Trimester for a while now but I feel like its just hit me - I feel like a whale, I waddle everywhere, I take three times as long to put on socks and I have been having a few afternoon naps. This is serious babymaking time and its also making me feel great (weird huh?). My skin feels soft, my hair is growing like crazy and feels healthy and I just generally feel very beautiful. I love to look at my bare tummy and I know I'll miss it when its gone.

LJ was born this week - he's a stunner! This is your Dad holding him for the first time.  I know for sure you will melt his heart when he meets you, he's a big softie and tissues will be needed! :) 
Lucy, LJ and you will be great friends! 

Dearest Baby Girl,

You continue to melt my heart and we haven't even met yet! I have never felt unconditional love like this before and I imagine its only a small picture of what God must feel for us as his children. 

I hope you grow up to be a strong young woman and are sure of yourself in God. Know that you are beautiful and you have a purpose. I can't wait to see you grow and flourish!

Love, Your Mama x

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