Tuesday, August 2, 2011

World Breast Feeding Week

Congratulations! You are amidst World Breast Feeding Week in 2011! Didn't even know? Click on this link to find out whats so important about this week and why awareness needs to be proactively spread. Linky.

Obviously, I have not breastfeed yet, but in preparation I have a few things to share with you that a lot of people have asked me privately that you may or may not know.

1) My breasts were the first thing to tell me that I was pregnant. Sure, there was a missed period, an eventual 2 lines on a plastic stick - but the most convincing thing was all of a sudden I felt swollen and tender and then I realised I had a missed period. At the doctors before I took a "confirmation test" they asked if I had any symptoms of pregnancy. I mentioned my breasts and she said "yup, that'd do it. You're probably pregnant then." That instant.

2) They get big. Real big. And will probably get even bigger after the baby. And your nipples. Real big and real dark.

3) You will wear bras you never ever thought you would. I always told myself I would have some form of padding and wire in my bras. Not so. Ribs expand and wire cuts in. This means you can only wear a bra standing up straight and it hurts like heck after 5 minutes. I've spent the last 2 weeks braless until I finally bought myself a nice maternity bra this weekend. It has been heaven. And - no wire or padding. Amazing huh. I can't believe I waited this long. Make a nice bra one of your biggest priorities.

4) You'll probably leak. Okay, not everyone does initially, but don't be surprised if you do. No one told me this (Friends! Where were you?) and I got the shock of my life. Imagine my surprise. You'll leak more when you have the baby - It will probably shoot out of you. Haha. Can't wait. But in the mean time colostrum it will probably slowly seep out. Romantic huh?

So, that's about all my wisdom I have to share for World Breast Feeding Week. Maybe next year I'll have something of more value to add. To the ladies who are feeding their children - Power to ya!

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  1. This is a great idea. I totally ripped off your idea, but I did credit you, so it's only about 60% stealing, right? :)


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