Tuesday, August 2, 2011

1 My Spirit Is Alive!

Day One and I still haven't made any goals for the next 30 days of living. How rebellious of me. 

Certainly I must be nesting. All I want to do is preserve myself. I want to sleep, eat and be merry. Did I mention clean? I can't stop myself (unless sleeping comes first). Everywhere I look my house is filthy. Surely its not, though? I feel as if I can keep a reasonably tidy home, but everywhere my eyes fall there is mould, fly poo, dust, or a mark on the wall. The cushions are dirty. That is todays job.

Because of this I feel as if goals probably will not be made. I can't even think of anything I want to do in the next month. I think this represents my current state; Knocked up. 

Todays bible reading had me reading the perfect scripture for this moment (Romans 8). Alive in Christ. If I were to create goals that may be my only one right now. To be alive. In everything I do. Alive as an attitude and a state of being and living. Today I am thankful that my spirit is alive in Christ, even though my body is dead to sin.

I 'did' a lot of things today. I cleaned, cooked, baked, crocheted, watched a movie, read, did washing. But most of all I enjoyed it. I did everything with a smile and sometimes a song. That makes life much easier to live.

Did you live today?

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